Details on how to get 1300 numbers

Man-on-phone-sellingYou have seen them in adverts, on business cards as well numerous marketing promotions.

Every big company or aspiring business uses these numbers so are the 1300 numbers free to call or are simply the number codes for business awarded by the Australian government. Businesses choose these numbers for numerous reasons.  Most business want the 1300 number to list on their company website.

The Roles of 13 & 1300 Numbers to your Business

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Have you ever wondered about phone words for sale, and why companies like this company are actually offering customized phonewords at premium prices? What would you say when being told that they know what great marketing tools phone words are? Even though certain phonewords are not always readily available, and cost way more than your regular local call rate phone number or toll-free number, it proves to be a sure winner in terms of sales conversion and the increase in enquires your small or medium sized business will experience as a result.

The Need of Businesses to get 1300 numbers

The-Needs-of-Businesses-Getting-1300-numbers1300 numbers are phone numbers in Australia that gives cheaper calls to customers dialing it. How many have you seen this in businesses in your local? It is just a rough 70 percent of businesses are opting to subscribe with this set of numbers. The question now rises as to why business are subscribing to 1300 numbers. If you try to visit forums like the ones in flyingsolo, people have their own way of saying 1300 numbers are good for managing inbound calls, creates a highly acceptable business image, increases call inquiries from customers, etc. Endless reasoning indeed, but with this post, let us try to pick out the best reasons and examine how such ideas will influence your thinking about 1300 numbers in your business as well. Let us start by defining both sides of the stories of this virtual number. A simple understanding and strong comprehension on this topic will help your business get to another level of networking and marketing with this method.

1300 Numbers for Australian Business

1300 Numbers Australia

1800, 1300 and 13 numbers are reverse charge networks. Routing a 1300 or 1800 number can be done in a multitude of ways including time of day, overflows, barring mobiles or particular incoming callers, delivery by state, by regions, by Optus exchanges and much more.There is no real difference between a 13 number and a 1300 number other than the length of the number, though the shorter number has a higher fee for the owner of the number. The difference between a 13 number and an 1800 number is that a 13 number attracts a local call connect fee (around 25c) when dialled from a landline.

Business Information

1300 NumbersLets discuss 1300 numbers, I just wanted to put a little more information out there to answer the question on how 1300 number and 1800 numbers work for Australian Business.

Unfortunately, it’s not such a simple answer, we will need to discuss the basics of how the telephone network works in order to answer it.

First, lets discuss the telephone network. When you lift your handset and enter the number you want to dial, or push dial on your mobile, the system on the other end received this command.